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    General questions

    1. Pricing
    2. Ordering
    3. Delivery
    4. SIDESTEP Gift Card

    1. Pricing
    Does SIDESTEP offer discounts on its products?
    • Generally speaking, we don't offer discounts on our products. The price shown is the price that you will pay. Nonetheless, we often hold sales, so it's always worth visiting our shop. Please note that stocks are limited.

    How long are reduced items offered for?
    • As a rule, where discounts are offered, the discount will be valid while stocks last. Some of our offers are valid for a limited time only (e.g during SIDESTEP-Shoes.com sales). If you buy the item during that period, you will of course receive it at the sale price, even if the price goes back up again after the sale.

    What happens if the price of an item is reduced but my purchase has not yet been dispatched?
    • If the item you have ordered has not yet been dispatched, we can cancel your existing order and re-order the item at the new price.

    2. Ordering
    Can I order by fax or email?
    • For data protection reasons, we cannot accept orders via fax or email. We can of course answer any questions you may have about the item or the order process, but your actual order will have to be made in our shop.

    Why should I set up a customer account?
    • You don't have to set up a SIDESTEP-Shoes.com customer account to place an order, but doing so gives you many advantages. If you have an account, you can see your current orders and manage your delivery address, payment methods, wishlist and personal settings.

    Redeem vouchers as follows when ordering online (Voucher with promo code)
    • If you have a voucher with a promo code for the RUNNERS POINT online store, enter the code in the shopping cart in the corresponding voucher box. The voucher amount is automatically deducted from the order total.
      Note that usually only one voucher can be redeemed per order. A combination of vouchers can only be used under certain conditions.
      If the purchase contract is cancelled, the credit amount from the voucher is no longer valid, i.e. the voucher will be deducted from the amount of the refund again and the same voucher cannot be redeemed again. The same applies when part of the goods is cancelled, if due to the cancellation the remaining value of goods falls below the specified minimum purchase value/order value.

    Can I add items to my order?
    • Once we have received your payment, it is generally no longer possible to change details or your order (e.g. by adding items, changing delivery address etc.), as the order will usually already have been picked. However, you can make a separate order, or cancel your existing order and make a new one.

    3. Delivery
    When will my order be delivered?
    • Delivery hours for DHL and/or DPD are between 8am and 6pm Mon-Sat (or Fri).
      DHL express deliveries are made between 8am and 12 pm Mon-Sat.

    What happens if I'm not at home when my parcel arrives?
    • Don't worry if you're not at home. DHL will leave you a card that you can then use to pick up your item from a nearby post office. If your item is cash-on-delivery, you can also make your payment at the post office. Please note that only the registered recipient can pick up the package, so you must bring ID with you.

    What should I do if my delivery hasn't arrived within the normal time frame?
    • Please allow one to three working days for delivery within Germany.
      If in this time you haven't received your order, please check your postbox to see if a 'while you were out' card has been left. If there is no card, contact us by email or phone so that we can make the appropriate enquiries.

    What happens if my package gets lost in the mail?
    • If a package is lost in the mail, we as the sender are responsible for providing a replacement or refunding the amount you have paid. Once the loss of the package has been confirmed by our service provider (e.g. DHL), we can either deliver a replacement (if available) or refund the amount. Please contact us if your package does not arrive during the normal delivery period.

    What if my item arrives damaged?
    • If it is apparent at the time of delivery that your package is damaged or has already been opened, DO NOT ACCEPT IT and contact us immediately. We will make every effort to provide you with a replacement. Damage that is not immediately apparent must be reported to the delivery company (DHL/DPD) in writing as soon as you become aware of it and at the latest within seven days of receipt. We reserve the right to require you to confirm the incomplete or faulty delivery (also transport-related defects) to us under oath.
      If you see after you have opened the package that the contents of your package are damaged, please contact us immediately.

    What happens if I receive the wrong package/items?
    • In such cases, once you have notified us we will arrange for the package to be picked up or sent back. Please keep the items and the invoice together (for reasons of confidentiality, our invoices do not show any personal contact details).

    How can I get my money back?
    • To ensure prompt refund of your money, please send us the comprehensively filled out returns form with your full bank details. For reverse bank transfers, we require your IBAN and BIC numbers. The average processing time is seven working days.

    What does the Trusted Shops seal of approval mean?
    • The award of this seal means the recipient meets the highest standards for data protection and delivery security. Certification under the scheme requires compliance with over one hundred individual criteria such as delivery security, data protection, payment conditions and payment security, customer service etc. These criteria are based on German law and consumer protection guidelines.
      Under the Trusted Shops scheme, we also provide a free money-back guarantee that will protect you from non-delivery, non-reimbursement following return of goods, and credit card misuse. For more information about the Trusted Shops scheme, click here.
      Simply apply at the end of the SIDESTEP-Shoes.com order process. For more information on Trusted Shops click on the seal of approval on our webpages.

    Can I be sure that the advice you give me is reliable?
    • Customer-friendly and technically correct advice is an absolute priority for us. The SIDESTEP online shop is staffed exclusively by trained professionals.
      The customer service department is the centre of our service activities. We place very high demands on the quality of our work. Our focus is on the long term and sustainability, and we aim to have completely satisfied customers who will remain loyal to us for a long time.

    4. SIDESTEP Gift Card
    What is the SIDESTEP gift card?
    • The SIDESTEP gift card is a sales voucher that can be credited with varying amounts of cash. For birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or just to say 'thank you', it's the perfect gift for someone looking to shop in any one of our SIDESTEP stores. With its stylish design, the SIDESTEP gift card looks very much like a bank card.

    Where can I buy a SIDESTEP gift card?
    • You can buy the card in any SIDESTEP store in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

    Does the gift card come in special gift packaging?
    • The gift card has a practical bank card design, so it slips easily into your wallet or cardholder. The gift card comes in attractive packaging on which the name of the recipient and the amount gifted can be entered by hand.

    How do I pay with the gift card?
    • The gift card can only be used in-store. When you present your gift card, the amount on the card will be automatically deducted from the purchase price. You can redeem the card wholly or in part and you can also use more than one gift card for your purchase. You cannot add further credit onto your gift card. The credit on the card does not attract interest and cannot be exchanged for cash.

    How long is the gift card valid for?
    • The gift card is valid indefinitely.

    What should I do if I lose my gift card?
    • Please keep your gift card safe. It's like cash. In the event of loss, it cannot be replaced or refunded. However, if you still have the invoice or till receipt for a gift card, then we can in some cases establish how much money is on the card and place a block on the card. In such cases, we can then issue a replacement card.

    Is the gift card transferrable?
    • Yes, the gift card is not linked to any specific person and can be used by anyone.